Jet Airways

Domestic Economy

That's all they have, India's only reasonably sane private airline, flying brand new 737-600s and 800s. At least you know that they are not going to fall out of the sky with old age. And the service is reasonably decent onboard, although cuisine again does no favours to the wonders which the subcontinent normally produces.

Again legroom is cramped, probably around 30in, and seat width and layout is standard 737.

At least the landings aren't quite so hard, but thank goodness a few year old 737-800 is more solid than a pre-Ark 737 or A320 which Indian Airlines have.

International Business

I haven't actually been on any Jet Airways international flights, but I have been on one of their new 77Ws wet-leased to Qatar. And that plane was pretty stunning, with a modernised version of the Virgin Atlantic/Air New Zealand herring bone business class. Just the Indian crew on that Qatar flight were sloppy and careless in the extreme - and they were Jet Airways crew going by their uniforms.

Summary: The only airline I'd fly in India.

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