British Midland

Business - International

There are probably lots of qualifications required here - but my one experience has been on a A330 flight from Manchester to Chicago. The business class there was supposed to be class leading, etc, but kind of reminded me of the Emirates promise of so much by delivering a lot less. The departure experience from Manchester's terminal 3 was probably enough to make the whole flight experience pretty sour though.

Business - Domestic

Well, BMI on their domestic routes certainly have a very strange concept of business class. Yes, I've only flown London to Edinburgh on their A320s, but here business class is basically the economy cabin with seats spaced 2 inches further apart, in a 2-3 layout (as opposed to economy's 3-3 layout). Compact it most certainly is. Legroom is not great, as you can see from this photograph.

At least the snack we were offered was quite nice. Sort of reminded me of Ansett meals just before Ansett went bankrupt.

Summary: Economy Plus on most other airlines.


As far as I can work out, BMI, as they are now called, use the same aircraft for domestic and international routes. I've only ever been on their A320s and 737s, and no ringing endorsement from me.

For legroom, they are as cramped as BA domestic economy, so legs jammed into the back of the seat in front. At least the seats are more than canvas, so you don't feel the knees from the person behind you jabbing your back. Snacks were nice enough, crew were okay, typical UK. Apart from one of their weird code-shares with Lufthansa, which was BM Fokker plane, but crewed by Lufthansa staff, flying a BMI flight number.

General: BMI should get new ground handling agents in Amsterdam and London. I look forward to the day I don't lose luggage transiting these two airports at the hands of BMI.

Summary: I usually only fly London - Edinburgh and London - Amsterdam, so that's hardly representative.

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