Air Pacific


After two flights with Air Pacific, from Brisbane to Nadi and back, I must say I'm quite happy with my experience. Given the flight was a Qantas code-share too, they could show Qantas a thing or two when it comes to friendliness and customer service.

Business seats on their 737s is 2-2 configuration, so nice seats, with 51 inch pitch (according to the inflight magazine). Menu was extensive with a range of cuisines to suit all tests. Quite lovely. In flight movies were a choice of 6, including the Pacific (aka Economy) class offering. In both cases I preferred the Economy movie to the extras on offer in business but that's probably my strange tastes in films.

No in-seat power on the 737s. The 747s (the ex-Ansett rentals from Singapore Airlines) are Singapore old-spec, so have all the gadgetry of the pre-refit Singapore planes. And their 767 has personal video players.

Summary: Quite nice, far better than I expected from what Aussies were telling me. But then Aussies blindly adore Qantas, so that explains everything.


Haven't sat in economy, but usual 3-3 in the 737s with 32 inch pitch (again according to the inflight magazine). One main screen film to choose from, meals seemed okay from what colleagues tell me.

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