Indian Airlines


737s and A320s belong to another era, probably before I was born. No maintenance in the cabin with lights and fittings falling off everywhere. In one flight, the emergency exit door landed on my lap - well, the plastic work of it, leaving just the bare metal in its proper place. Very poor legroom, but seems to depend on where they got the planes from.

Cabin space is at a premimum as most Indian travellers tend to take their farms onboard with them too. And the airport authorities do little to enforce restrictions.

Inflight food is usually daal soup or curry, with rice and nan. Appetising it is not, not even for the Indians. Service is not bad, but the ambience is, ummm... Oh, and the pilots are crazy. If the landing isn't so hard that all the overhead bin contents land on the aisle, then the pilot has failed to make a good landing. Apparently. As I said, crazy!

Summary: Fly Jet Airways in India. Simple.

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