Japan Airlines


Okay, I've only been on domestic and tourist flights from Oz, so this may not be the best guide. No seat back video yet (although the new or refitted planes have individual screens, airshow, lots of movies, apparently), just Japanese news, a Western or Japanese movie. Hmmm. Take a good book, or sleep.

747-200 legroom is really very good, must be 35 inches or so. No problem getting comfortable. Only the planes are as old as the hills, the fit and finish inside shows it, although the planes seem to be always freshly painted or washed compared with most other airlines.

747-400 legroom was shockingly bad, similar to UK charters. I couldn't sit in the seat assigned, so had to poke my feet out onto the aisle. Probably 28 inches pitch. But that was on a domestic flight, international 747-400s might be different.

Service on board is typical Japanese service, quite enjoyable. Food is very Japanese too, sometimes a bit of a mystery in how everything is meant to be put together from all the little pots and trays you get.

Summary: They are okay.

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