Royal Bhutan Airlines


Did that once, but the 3-3 configuration in the BAe146-100 is too tight for me (see Lufthansa entry). Food is alright, but obviously comes from the partner airline at the local airport. So if you fly to Bhutan from India, see Indian Airlines. If you fly from Bangkok to Bhutan, see Thai. etc.

No inflight movies or music, nothing. Just bring your Lonely Planet guide to look like a trekker, or a good book.


For the 60% extra fee, well worth doing. Business is better than Qantas Domestic Business. No inflight entertainment though, but then books, the views,... Food is alright, see Economy above. Seat configuration is 2-2 in the BAe146s, legroom is more than ample for anyone.

Now that Drukair (as they are called) have replaced the BAE146s with two A319s, the bigger planes have a bigger business class in them. Still 2-2 layout, but the seats are larger (even though legroom seems unchanged). And with the A319s having been fitted with A321 engines for the thin air take off (Paro airport is at 2200m), they go like rockets.

Summary: Nice in their own cute way.

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