Malaysian seem to win lots of awards for service etc, but my limited exposure to them has left me somewhat bemused as to how they got those awards. Maybe my experiences were just an exception.

Business Class

My business trips so far have been on a 747-400 and an A330-200. I suppose the Boeing was similar standard to United's international 747s - certainly the fit and finish seemed quite familiar. I was in the upper deck, a virtually must-do for travelling in any 747, as it is quieter, and the service better.

Inflight entertainment was very limited, movie-wise, a repeating video track every 150 mins or so, with only 4 movies to choose from. Like United, I suppose. Movies weren't as advertised in the magazine, and no explanation from the cabin crew. Plus the screen quality was so shimmery, it was almost impossible to make out what was happening - and that wasn't my screen, my neighbour's was the same. The A330 had an even more limited video service - I could only find one working channel on my and the neighbouring seat, so gave up and slept. Methinks maintenance is a problem on Malaysian.

I was bemused that the safety video was played about 30 mins after take off on one trip. Maybe they forgot, but surely the safety video is as relevant for take off as it is for cruising and landing?

Meal service was okay, but most airlines do this a lot better in business. The nicest part is getting the Malaysian satays as a starter - yummy!

Economy Class

The one economy class trip has been on a 747-400. Reminded me of United too. One big screen in the middle, movies playing back to back, cabin lights on, windows open, impossible to see anything unless you are within a few rows of the screen.

Meal service is like most other regular airline. Nothing special, the only thing worthy of note are the satays served as starter. Very nice touch.

This is the first plane I've seen on landing throw fireballs out the engines when reverse thrust was put on to slow the plane. Is this really meant to happen on 747s? Was alarming at the time to see both engines throw out huge balls of fire!

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