Thai International

Economy Class

Bit of a mixed bag. All the old MD11s and 747s had good legroom, probably 34 inch pitch. But then they are old planes, and are being retired (MD11s all gone now). Airbus 300-600Rs (legroom) are okay too, but I do wonder how old these planes are. 777-200 is cramped with bad legroom (spot the bar in the picture!!), configured 3-4-3 across which is suitable for skinny small people, but not the average Caucasian. 777-300 is configured 2-5-2, so wider seats but poor legroom, probably around 31 inches. And the seats are the worst possible design, having a sold metal bar going along the back at the bottom, right where lower legs should go. I certainly cannot stretch my legs on these, so I try avoid Thai 777s if at all possible.

No personal video, just standard broadcast movie, not the latest. Service is more personal than Singapore, but a bit more hapazard if every bit as efficient. The non-Thai food is bland, tasteless, and little better than slops fed to pigs - they must have got Lufthansa catering school to help.

A nice touch is that economy class passengers are offered a brandy after their main meal.

Summary: Typical Asian service, albeit much older planes, substandard in-flight entertainment, just like United.

Business Class

The old configuration of Thai 777s are quite narrow in business - 2-4-2. That's 8 across - now consider that most airlines with 777s have 9 across in economy. Obviously they have small passengers. No in seat power that I could find, but at least there were individual TV screens.

The new configuration is bizarre. 772s have 2-2-2 seating, and 773s have 2-3-2 seating. Why?? it's not as though the 300s are wider, but someone in Thai Airways International obviously made a bit of a mistake. But the seats are fine, they go flat, and are quite adjustable too.

Catering was very nice, and as with Economy, avoid the Western meals. Service was pleasant, and very efficient, although the razor sharp plastic cutlery that the Australian Government insists should be used on flights touching Australia continues to amuse me.

Summary: Quite ordinary, but at least it is pleasant. How business class used to be in the old days before airlines tried to make it like First Class. Just take a book to read!

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