SkyWest - aka United Express


That's all they have got, economy. The Canadair Regional jets are surprisingly roomy considering their small size.

Overhead bin space is almost non-existant, but United still allow half the house to be carried onto the planes. Legroom is better than regular United economy class, must be around 33 inch pitch, and is reasonably comfortable in that department for beanpoles like me. Seat width is not so good - narrow seats are used to get 2-2 layout, and wide people end up interfering with each other quite seriously. Luckily they are only used for short flights, otherwise could get uncomfortable too.

Service so far has been fantastic - the cabin attendant has always been good humoured, what a change from United! And the cookie or savoury snack choice is better than the woodshavings on offer from United.

Summary: I'm happy that some United domestic flights are now going over to United Express!

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