My Hobbies and Pastimes

What do I like most? Well, windsurfing is my favourite activity, and I'm currently sailing an F2 PowerGlide. I used to have a Fanatic Snake which I adored, but it and I parted company in the name of progress. At least the new owner has got the only Snake 335 in Australia!

I don't get enough windsurfing, with the lack of winds in SE Queensland in recent years, and my travel schedule. Golden Beach at Caloundra is the best spot for folks at my level (RYA Level 3) - the album has some pictures in it. Although I have been a couple of times to Lake Cootharaba near Noosa, and have had a fairly incident prone windsurfing experience on the Broadwater at Surfers Paradise (fishers in speedboats, flying boats, rocks, houseboats, two broken fins, etc - arrgh!) for the last year.

I also swim quite regularly (three times a week at Somerville College Pool), plus try and cycle as often as I can. Australia is a very active nation when it comes to sports, so I try and not sit around too much.

Apart from the above, and travelling, and working...? Eating nice food, drinking lovely Australian wine, touring around SE Queensland, or just sitting down with a good book and listening to some music. I go to the cinema from time to time, but the airlines usually have all the decent movies as inflight entertainment before they hit the big screens here. I know, a 10cm by 7cm screen isn't quite the same a cinema, but if the film isn't any good, it doesn't matter really, does it.