ML430 Service History

You are probably wondering why anyone would put the service history of their car on a website. Well, if I was still driving an Audi, I wouldn't bother, as very little ever went wrong with the three that I had. But the first American built Mercedes? Oh dear oh dear. As I said before, Americans simply don't know how to build reliable cars. (Don't the JD Power surveys in the US prove that? The Japanese take all the top spots?)

So here is the list of what has happened, in chronological order.

Rear Brakes and Personalisation, 23rd October 2007 - 94400km

Back to Aust-Star to get the rear brake pads replaced - they were starting their characteristic squeak, plus the light came on a few days before the car went in. Nice timing! Job was done well. They also fitted the bits and pieces I wasn't confident doing (spoiler, indicator mirrors, and chrome door sill covers).

Fuel Pump, 8th October 2007 - 94100km

Well, on recommendation from friends, I went to Aust-Star in Woolongabba, Brisbane. Not a Mercedes dealer, nor an official Mercedes service centre, but very able to service Mercedes cars. And do other things to them too. They replaced the fuel pump which decided to seize at the wrong end of a windsurfing trip to the Gold Coast (towing cost a fortune!). Very happy too, they will get all my future serving work methinks.

A-Service, 28 March 2006, at 81500km

This is supposedly an A service (the cheap and quick one), but it ended up costing $3636.

Pretty impressive for 81500km on the clock and 6.5 years old! I wasn't happy, not happy at all.

Window tinting, 24 January 2005

The standard window tinting Mercedes applies to the MLs around the world is illegal in Queensland, so the cars ship with uniform tinting right round. Given Australia is one of the hottest countries in the world, this law is completely insane. It results in people covering rear windows with all manner of after-market shades, bags, etc, making their cars look incredibly naff. But apparently the police in QLD have a requirement to be able to see all occupants in the car. Clearly they still find it hard to shake off the police state that ruled here in the 80s.

So I got fed up with living in a hot house, and got the windows from the B-pillar backwards tinted. But Queensland has laws about the darkest legal tint, and that's only marginally darker than the standard tint on the car. Anyway, 'tis done, $220 later. At least it looks closer to how it is meant to look like everywhere else in the world.

B-Service, 7 October 2004 - 62700km

The biggy, so in theory expensive. And it was! Grand total of $1219.

A-Service, 4 November 2003 - 49500km

A quick and simple one, and so it was. Although I asked them to do other bits as well. Coming out at $573.

Warranty work, 9 May 2003 - 43500km

The air mass sensor packed in, resulting in the engine not running too well. Replaced under warranty. Phew!

Brake Pads, 24 September 2002 - 35600km

Sigh... Brake pads again! This time the fronts decided to start screeching. No sign of any dashboard light, but I know what the screeching meant, so straight into have them replaced. $467 later.

B-Service, 11 April 2002 - 31500km

The bigger of the two services, and time for the first B-service. Usual standard stuff, but another warranty replacement list...

Brake Pads, 8 April 2002 - 31500km

Rear brake pads need to be replaced! After only 31500km? Good grief. Given the burn rate is so rapid, why aren't bigger ones fitted!? So much for traction control. And I don't even drive with a lead foot! So that was $402.

Warranty Work - 3 August 2001

Replacing the airbag control unit after the light came on and stayed on.

A-Service, 6 March 2001 - 15600km

Standard basic service, first one after the car was new!

Warranty Work - 6 November 2000

Infra red control unit for central locking failed, and had to be replaced under warranty.

Fitting Towbar and other work - 9 December 1999

Two jobs, one to fit towbar, the other to fix the central locking.

New! - 1st October 1999

Not much to say. New car, new things...