Airlines - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This documents the airlines which I have flown on, the pleasure of flying offered by said airlines, and any other observations. I'm 194cm tall, so travelling in economy (crushed) class has a slightly different meaning for me than it does for people of a lesser stature. You may not recognise your favourite airline below.

It has to be said that since I started travelling frequently as part of my work in the Internet industry, spaciousness in the Economy cabins has reduced markedly. I was fortunate in my UUNET days that I controlled my travel budget for my whole group, so we could quite often upgrade to Economy Plus on Virgin, or get good seats on BA and United economy as we paid full fare economy. These days seat pitches have reduced by a good 4 to 5 inches, making economy travel a painful experience. One of the upsides with working for a multinational was that the travel people had clue - and recognised that forcing staff to travel more than 6 hours with their legs wrapped around their ears was bad for productivity. One of these days the company I work for now might become similarily enlightened.

But hey, hot news! Thanks to assistance from my GP, I've gained what's called a medical exemption, such that all flights longer than 1 hour should be in business class. This has changed the perspective quite a bit. So no more updates on the economy classes in the following listings, but a lot more information about business classes.

So here they all are.

Air Canada

Air France

Air NewZealand

Air Pacific

Air Raro

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines


Austrian Airlines

British Airways

British Midland

Cathay Pacific


Indian Airlines

Japan Airlines

Jet Airways




Qatar Airways

Royal Bhutan Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Skywest Airlines - aka United Express

South African Airlines

Thai International

United Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Blue

And once you have devoured all of those, have a look at my general thoughts and experiences on flying. I keep this page more up to date as I generally add something once I've had a great experience, or something has gone really wrong.

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